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Shifa & Paul Scott

Helping Families FUTURE PROOF Their Finances

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Increase Your Cash flow  from Home or Anywhere
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Is Your Financial Well-being FUTURE PROOF?
and in the not so distant future your knowledge
of how this emerging digital economy works could save your family's financial future.

J.P. Morgan, Blackrock, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore just announced they'll be moving trillions of assets onto the blockchain.

World governments are moving to digital currency (CBDC).

We are helping people understand how to profit in the changing world and new digital economy.

You'll Learn Easy Ways to Profit and Harness the Power of Blockchain, CeFi + DeFi with Stable Cryptocurrency Backed by Real World Assets.

From entrepreneurs to family offices we help navigate and generate revenue that remains relevant for decades. Creating generational economic autonomy by design, not by chance.

We do it by purposefully merging international real estate and construction projects with the world of Crypto, Web 3, Blockchain, the Metaverse, NFTs, CeFi + DeFi, and Universal Basic Income.

Providing those who are willing to explore and "Future Proof" themselves in this "new money" model of reality era of abundance.

You're here today at the forefront, not by accident.

Take action now. You manifested this...

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 Enlightened Entrepreneurs
Guides & Facilitators 


Get To Know Us


I have over 20 years of experience working in all areas of Finance, Banking, and Community Service; and as a Registered International Bank Trader with Dukascopy Switzerland. I can see clearly the global direction and scope of the World’s economic landscape, along with its rapid changes.

Over the years; I’ve seen families in our local communities, raised in middle and upper-middle-class lifestyles, suffer the damages of social economic slippage. Parents reaching the golden years of their lives, after retiring very soon struggling just to make financial ends meet.


Meet Paul Scott Jr.

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Why Paul cares about YOUR family...

Why? Because of the disparities in the divisions of “Wealth” where inflation and the cost of living is twice the value of savings, interest rates and/or the value of their “cost of living” increases.

And because bank owners and wealthy families have structured trusts. They thrive while the masses suffer economic defeat. The “Answer” is equal access to equity leverage rates and access to special purpose vehicles (SPVs) that return higher contracted interest yields.

What I've discovered about Blockchain Smart Contracts, is this technology has leveled the world’s economic playing field.

Don't believe me?  Click here to WATCH THIS VIDEO

I’ve never seen economic fairness like this before in my 20 + years as an International financier! Every individual needs this knowledge NOW!

Web 3 , Cryptocurrency and the Metaverse provide exciting new vehicles you'll want to immediately take advantage of.

The information in our podcast and Metaverse Mastery Classes is literally, as serious as saving your family from the Economic-COVID global market crash that is coming.


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Meet Shifa Ali Scott

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I was scared to create my first Avatar... Here she is!


I was scared to get a NFT... Here's my 2nd one.  CLICK... IT'S A VIDEO!

I’m really glad that you’re here.

The first thing that I must say is, You can have it all... If you are willing to create new internal, external and environmental beliefs. Does it scare you to read that? I get it. A while ago I sat on the other side of a the same life-changing journey you’re about to take with me. 

I got really scared. I was scared to mess it up or do it wrong.

I was scared that I’d embarrass myself by trying something new and it would fail just like other things in my life.

At my age I was scared that I’d hit my plateau. Scared to be the laughing stock online and with of my family and friends. I would imagine them laughing, saying, “That’s her, the one who tried to have it all. We knew it was impossible!”

Now that I play it back, I can clearly see that no one who loved me was thinking these thoughts, yet, this was the feedback loop that I ran in my head.

Breaking through recurring conditioning in my thinking and learning how to stop thoughts that don’t serve me to my highest good has proven to be one of the most glorious skills for my life.

This movement is designed to support you to think in new ways that serve you and your life of autonomous economic freedom .

Listen. Wherever you are inside of your journey, it’s sacred.
Honor it.

I know that you’re ready for a greater life. That’s why you manifested this experience and this community.

One more question for you...

I was too.

Scared man.jpg

You are not alone...
Fear of the unknown had me stuck in the grind of struggle, defending my limitations, unwilling to change, expand, and grow.

First...  ACKNOWLEDGe Your FEARS, CONCERNS and Limiting Beliefs About What YOU "THINK" is and is not possible for your life. 

Check out this list to "cast out" limiting BELIEFS. 

  • ​DOUBT: I don't believe enough in myself to think I could learn something new (internal belief)
  • ​CONCERN: I have no outside help or resources to make my life work as things change (external)
  • ​FEAR: The economy is in recession, and the market is in a downturn (environment)
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 THRIVE Naturally in the Changing World Economy 

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As visionary entrepreneurs in today’s fast paced changing world we have made it a priority to slow down and focus on our success through peace, love, light, and mind/body wellbeing.

Discover how we utilize natural wellness energies,
including practices such as:

💠 Synchronic Calendering
💠 Natural Mind Meditation
💠 Archetypal 4D Journaling
💠 Transmute & Transcend Obstacles  

Learn to create business success as a work of  planetary art.

✅ Get the book here to learn more (Prerequisite requirement for all master classes)

The Full Story

Not political, happens to be true.  Do your own due diligence.

President Biden's new executive order... Alongside MIT, 77 global Governments, The Gates Foundation, UNICEF, and The Clinton Development Initiative... Ignited a historic $40 trillion transfer of wealth from the middle class, to the rich... Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller says:"This is the biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor... to the rich, ever" Newsweek says... "[This] Will Be The End of American Freedom."And HuffPost says... "[This] Is Making The Rich Richer and Leaving You Behind".

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In the Defi (decentralized) World You Have the POWER to
Create Your Economic Story

The most unique thing about building wealth in DeFi is the enactment of a Universal Basic Income, where citizens can receive a monthly stipend for their basic needs. The proposal dates back to economist Milton Friedman in the 1960s, and some nations have begun to explore its efficacy.

There are new philosophies that challenge your pre-existing notions of what an ideal economic system looks like. We reject the economic shackles of systemic restriction and oppression, and the end result is a utopia that celebrates diversity and meritocracy.

The Value of Knowing


At the moment the U.S. DOLLAR is struggling”… And thanks to Biden's recent sinister move… The U.S. dollar could soon turn into a weaponized CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)!

And if that happens…

Every dollar you own could be made worthless, turned into a CBDC monetary surveillance weapon or worse yet, confiscated! 

What will you do?  Start learning to equip yourself?

Will YOU Change OR Be Left BEHIND?

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This is a critical awareness, you’ll learn about unique ways YOU can create, protect your earnings,  savings and wealth – even if the U.S. follows this disturbing new trend of devaluing the dollar.
We have the answer to this major problem.


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  • Free Podcast: Start Learning immediately
  • Features: You get personal and Industry Information
  • Actions: 30+ Lessons with action items
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Here's what you get:

  • ​Metaverse Mastery Class explains the basics of the most critical things you want to know
  • ​You'll be guided through an economic Metaverse experience HANDS-ON.
  • ​Earn while you learn! Go from beginner to expert in the span of this 6-week hands-on class.
  • ​And most importantly, you'll be in position to profit from this history making global economic shift.

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Personalized "HealthyMe Finances"
Wealth Coaching 
By appointment when you enroll in THE METAVERSE MASTERY CLASS

Enroll today!
Only 20 coaching spots available
schedule your private coaching
before it's to late.  

 Future Proof Your Economic Autonomy

  • ​Why: You deserve this scholarship because you know you need this skillset RIGHT NOW.  Before economic disaster hits.
  • Earn & Learn: The biggest transfer of wealth in human history is actually it's happening now.  Profit in the movement.
  • Benefit: "Once you have KNOWLEDGE, you can lay in wait FOR OPPORTUNITY – and SEIZE IT when it comes"
  • ​Be among those who are prepared
  • Stand for Economic Freedom
  • Prosperous Supportive Community

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Lead with Value, top call to action.


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"This headline gets attention"

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"This headline gets attention"

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Autem dolore, alias numquam enim ab voluptate id quam.


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We Go LIVE Weekly ➡️

 See behind the scenes into my personal Universal Basic Income paying me in HyperNation.

See how we are making weekly Crypto-to-Cash withdrawals. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

We will show you step-by-step how. See our back office account and learn from our PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

Yes, it's REAL 100% we're giving it to you straight no chaser. Stick around for the Q & A. 

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Rising Global Consciousness and the Imminent New World Cycle Require 

Enlightened Entrepreneurship

New Money Consciousness

Thursday, December 15, 2022

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