The Law Of Time

Experience The Law Of Time 
For Love Focused Entrepreneurs
"EEPUA" Course: 30 Energetic 
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The Enlightened Entrepreneur's Positive 
Unfair Advantage...

Seemingly Unfair  To Those Unwilling To Evolve from
the 3rd Dimension into 4th Dimensional Beingness. 

  • Revealed Universal Laws of Time Every Enlightened Entrepreneur Needs To Know
  • The Enlightened Entrepreneur's Guide to Awakening and Seeding "Humanity Plus" Heart Inspire Content
  • The Enlightened Entrepreneur's Cosmic Guidance To Thrive, Be and Stay Relevant 
  • Create Conscious Messaging To Magnetize and Cultivate Enlightened Humans
  • Eliminate Freaking out About Higher Dimensional Expressions - For Keeps!
  • ​Brilliant Conversation Reveals A Wonderful Way To Create Amazing Dogma-free Experiences – but only Conscious Entrepreneurs with imagination can do it
  • The Law of Time Reveals How To STOP Sabotaging Your Evolving Continuing Consciousness and Spiral-up in Life

Shifa Shares Her
Personal Journey Applying The Law of Time for A Happy Life,
Client Care and
Business Prosperity 

"The Enlightened Entrepreneur Course Evolve, Create, Be Happy, And Have Fun..."

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Cultivating Continuing Consciousness

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